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Fridge Cleaning

Powerful Fridge Cleaning in Ascot

When your fridge is in need of a professional deep clean why not use our environmentally and budget-friendly fridge cleaning service in Ascot? If you’re a landlord, a tenant, or a busy home owner, we’ve got a team of experts who know how to get the job done swiftly!

Learn about Our Methods

Fridge Cleaning AscotBeneath the shiny surface of your fridge millions of bacteria are hiding with many of them being responsible for food poisoning – being aware of fridge hygiene will help stop you from becoming ill. To clean your fridge thoroughly we’ll:

  • Take out all the removable parts of your fridge for easy access, resulting in a total clean.
  • Use a gentle, eco-friendly disinfectant to get rid of food residue and eliminate odours.
  • Soak shelves, drawers, and other components in cleansing solutions that melt away dirt.
  • Ensure you have a safe food storage area after your fridge cleaning service is complete.

Essential Healthy Fridge Tips

We’re happy to provide you with post-maintenance advice and tips that’ll help you with fridge cleaning in the future:

  • Check your fridge temperature: make sure it’s set between 1 and 4 degrees C.
  • Keep the fridge door shut: leaving it open lets hot air in and raises the temperature.
  • Rotate food: use up older supplies of food first, and store new stock at the back.
  • Keep raw meat separate: always store raw meat at the bottom of the fridge and keep it covered.
  • Clean your fridge regularly: if you don’t have the time simply call our fridge cleaners!

We’ll Take Care of Your Freezers Too

Spilled liquids and mould can make your freezer a breeding ground for germs, and can contaminate fresh foods that you are adding! Technicians from our freezer cleaning service will:

  • Remove food and safely store until your clean is completed
  • Apply our food safe anti-bacterial solutions
  • Defrost, sanitise and remove all waste and food and drink residues
  • Reassemble any parts removed for cleaning, and replace food

Reap The Benefits

Fridge Cleaning AscotYou can’t go wrong with our fridge cleaning services in Ascot – here’s just some of the reasons we’re so highly rated:

  • Service suitability – we’ll provide a fridge cleaning service for fridges and freezers in both home and business settings
  • Qualified fridge cleaners – we’ll only send highly trained and fully insured technicians to carry out your service
  • Well maintained equipment – alongside child and pet-friendly non-toxic detergents
  • Absolute customer care – get in touch with us by phone or online as we’re always here for you
  • Like the sound of us? Combine this service with our extractor cleaning and oven cleaning services for instance to get super discounts