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BBQ Cleaning

Professional BBQ Cleaning in Ascot

Getting your BBQ ready for the summer can be tough – we’ll offer you a simple solution – use our BBQ cleaning services in Ascot. Our specially trained technicians will soon have you enjoying your outdoor cooking without you having to scrub and polish!

The Essential Clean

A dirty grill is bad for your health, your food, and the grill itself. Our barbecue cleaning team will swiftly take care of it for you:

    BBQ Cleaning Ascot

  • All the cleaning solutions and tools will be provided by us.
  • After careful inspection of the BBQ any removable parts will be taken off.
  • The body will be sprayed with a special detergent and hand-scraped.
  • All food residues will be removed from the interior.
  • Anti-bacterial sanitising products will be used to thoroughly clean and polish all exterior surfaces.
  • Your BBQ will be reassembled ready for immediate use.
  • You’ll find that your BBQ takes less time to heat up, and your food will taste better!

What We Can Clean

Our barbeque cleaning service is suitable for all barbeque and grill owners, and professional BBQ cleaning will increase the life of your BBQ. We’ll clean:

  • Gas and charcoal grills;
  • Hooded grills;
  • Smokers;
  • Kettle BBQs;
  • Portable and spit roasters;
  • BBQ pits;

Grilling Issues

Here are a few dangerous mistakes that are frequently made when using a BBQ, and how to avoid them:

    BBQ Cleaning Ascot

  • Not wiping grills after use: wayward bristles can be swallowed and catch alight.
  • Spraying after the grill is lit: non-stick cooking sprays should be used before lighting.
  • Moving BBQs into garage when it rains: this can cause carbon monoxide poisoning without the proper ventilation.
  • Leaving the BBQ unattended: never do this as leaping flames can quickly cause fires.
  • Cook all meats thoroughly: use a meat thermometer to avoid food poisoning.

Benefits Bonanza

We only use effective and professional BBQ cleaning detergents which aren’t available over the counter, ensuring a premium clean. We’ll also provide:

  • 7 day week services – weekdays, weekends, and holidays all for the same affordable cost.
  • Multi-service booking discounts –for example book our splashback cleaning and our extractor cleaning services at the same time to qualify.
  • Free quotes and inspections – we’ll give you an accurate estimate before your service begins.
  • Outstanding customer care – you can call us day or night, or fill in our user-friendly online contact form.
  • BBQ cleaning experts – see our home page for more details about our fully trained team.